The Sweeney – 2012

I was never an avid viewer of The Sweeney – even the re-runs on ITV4 don’t really command much my attention.

However the video was set, constantly recording the programme and then edited to capture classic moments like these:

(Ignore the mental music)

Yes that Ford Consul (rear wheel drive I may add) and that clapped out Jag is why I love this series – so much so that through the editing off the video, I have got a 21 minute compilation of classic 70s car chases. Marvellous.

In September this year, a new film is released based on the series.

Directed by Nick Love and starring Ray Winstone as Regan and Ben Drew as Carter, they reprise the roles of the original characters.

I didn’t know much about the car involvement until the Orang-outang and The Hamster showed us some of their handy work on Top Gear.

You will note from the new trailer above that the red Jag XF takes a battering. I am very pleased that Jag allowed the film makers to wreck a few of them in the pursuit of realism. All too often manufacturers are very precious about such things. And Ford are doing their bit – an abundance of the Blue Oval and the Consul is replaced by a Focus ST (albeit a tarted up 1.6 Ectotec).

It will be interesting to see how a 21st Century version of the film holds up – I don’t know much about the plot, but am more interested in the cars and chase sequence. From what I have seen, there is some liberty – a Ford Galaxy being used as a battering ram quite forcefully. There were two movies made with the original cast members and the car sequences in those were gritty and real – MkIV Cortina ploughing through a shop window as a getaway car and a Consul being blown up – quality.

This – for me -bodes well – new cars getting mashed up, and not some knackered Y-reg Mondeo that is worth £100 and is about to get scrapped anyway.

The late Troy Kennedy Martin wrote some great scripts, so it would have been interesting if he would have contributed to todays remake.

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