More lunacy and idiotic ramblings from the MCCH

I just viewed a thread on the MCCH entitled “what do you want?” – basically asking what casting you would like to see within the 1-75 range.

I was absolutely disgusted with the posts on this topic.

Over 90% of requests were of obscure Americana that will simply not sell well outside of the US&A. I am shocked and annoyed, yet hardly surprised at all.

If anything, the wants of a minority within the MCCH have caused the downfall of Matchbox – too many requests of American focused vehicles that simply do not translate to the rest of the world. What Matchbox was good at in yesteryear was having a range of cars from around the world. As mentioned before, this is how I learnt about cars.

Yet, the MCCH folk who have contributed to the “wants” on this post seem to still believe that they have in-roads with the Mattel hierarchy and firmly believe if they bleat on about it enough they can actually try and influence the decision making.

What is even more frustrating is that there is plenty of Americana produced within the Hot Wheels line. Yet, due to the “collecting habits” of individuals they refuse to buy Hot Wheels as it is not a Matchbox even though the HW line may contain a desired vehicle in the 1/64 scale range!

Utter madness.

And because of these previous wants, there are peg warmers for the likes of the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser…..a car not seen in Europe and this more than happy to sit on the pegs of Sainsburys and Asda waiting for a collector rather than a child to buy it.

I think it is time for Mattel to stick two fingers up at these requests, and just do what is necessary for the company rather than the 20-odd idiots thinking that they are going to get what they want.

The so-called “hotline” to Mattel via the Matchbox Numpty – sorry, Ambassador – (in fact where is the 2012 individual? Ah, yes, sorry – too bust adding more collecting plaudits against his social/professional media profiles about collecting Matchbox) does not work and BT/Swisscom/AT&T/Telstra/DTAG are not interested in fixing the line – ever.

Mattel must be sick to the back teeth of MCCH requests stating “I want a 1960s Pontiac/GM/Ford”, etc – more to the point, it would be good to clip some wings as well – not as powerful as they think they are. Mattel need to bring the MCCH down a peg or two. I await the touted 60th Anniversary line……nothing would please me more than to see this as the biggest anti-climax of 2013 and the outrage of disappointment that this would cause.

So go on Mattel – please divert all your energy to Hot Wheels – after all, you surely don’t give a monkey’s toss about Matchbox do you?


5 thoughts on “More lunacy and idiotic ramblings from the MCCH

  1. First of all I think there will be nothing at all for the 2013 birthday bash and secondly they all want US&A cars but they do realize the Matchbox name is British and every now and then they go on about where the product was made and they want to see pics etc.I think the most famous address in diecast is Binns Road Liverpool.

    The most famous address to me would be the Corgi factory in swansea but hell they are only buildings.


  2. Please. The US has always been said to be most of the buying market for Matchbox. I support the inclusion of British classics, of course, as that is what the brand was supposed to evoque.

    But as the brand is managed now, the British heritage is unnecesary for Mattel. And so is obvious to request more US models.

    You mention the Olds being a pegwarmer in the UK… who cares! There are surely more Lotuses hanging on American pegs than Olds in Europe, or so should be according to what we've been told.

    This is of course Mattel's fault for not promoting the brand and even leaving markets like Spain or France altogether. If the brand presence had been mantained, a more global lineup would be a need.

    So don't be so disgusted by that. I even see some contradiction when you say a global range is needed to sell and then mention the lots of “Americana” in the Hot Wheels range. Hot Wheels sell, don't they?

    I think more important than from where a car is is that it looks attractive for the kids. That is why an awesome Australian vehicle like the Holden Ute would fit, in my opinion, any lineup. It doesn't matter that it is only sold in Oceania and the Middle East.

    And with globalization, cars are less local all the time. The next Fusion/Mondeo is a no brainer for Matchbox inclusion, I think. It looks like an Aston Martin on top of that!


  3. Mattel already has HW producing a load of Americana so why would anyone in MCCH want to include MB too…ANNOYING!!

    Rather than make MB the kiddies line (with ridiculous generics, graphics & colours)and HW the collectors line like it has been the past few years, I believe Mattel should differentiate HW & MB by giving MB an international appeal with more british, euro, asian & concept vehicles rather than stupid generics.

    MB should always be an international brand (Remember the great 1950s-80s when any sensible casting was made). Let HW produce Americana like it always has.

    Dear Ambassador…where art thou? LinkedIn? Wonder what you have to say about this?


  4. Anonymous,

    Matchbox is not a BRITISH/UK company anymore….but we all know this. You Brits just need to deal with it. Mattel is Like Tata Motors no? Jaguars and the such are no more British than Matchbox is now. The Heritage is there, but that is it. I still like Dodge and they are majority owned by the Italians which sucks but it is what it is.




  5. Jeff, I think were the issue lies is with some of your countrymen thinking that Matchbox has always been American. And the consistent insistence of having Americana in the line up where some of these models will simply not appeal to the global audience. They mostly are the wants of a minority re-creating models that appeal to them (60s/70s Americana) only – so this is where there is a lot of clash.


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