Setting the record straight……

This excellent reply by Brad (a follower of this blog) superbly summaries how Matchbox is a brand rather than a company.

Greg Andrews on the MCCH is a bit legend with his fantastically rose tinted view on the direction and future of Matchbox. I clashed many times with this individual who simply refuses to believe that there are issues with the brand, distribution, model, line up and overall neglect from Mattel. In summary, he is what makes the MCCH an very unpleasant place to have a debtate.

We salute you Brad!


Quote Originally Posted by gandrews View Post
FYI: Matchbox is no longer a British company it is an American company. Now that we have that straight maybe we can now move forward.

Clearly we dont have that straight, Matchbox is a British brand not a company, Mattel is a US Company there is a difference between the brand and the company eg: Vegemite is an iconic Australian brand owned by Kraft, now Kraft are an American company but Vegemite is still called Australian…why because it is a brand not a company.

Now i believe we have that straight


One thought on “Setting the record straight……

  1. The guy is a complete Turd,just wait to they start looking for another site when Lardy Boy packs it all in,I cannot see much more mileage on MCCH as many have left that site and seem to be logging on to the UK Vintage site which is ok if you are into just the old stuff but I need my modern stuff as well.


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