Has Mark Curtis finally lost the plot?

Oh dear, oh dear….

As a guest viewer of the MCCH, I was greeted with this post below from the self titled “Adminstor” (or Bell-end as most other folk refer him to) :

Default OK… I shall get your attention…

Now that I have your attention, please read up…

This forum is open to discussion on a wide range of subjects regarding Matchbox. It is not however, a bashing forum. I remind all here to be constructive in criticsm and to stop all the bashing of other collectors’ views. Some of the comments here have been rather astounding in callousness and very mean natured. You must respect The Matchbox Team and Mattel, as well as other collectors when posting here.

Stop it. Right Now.

You are free to post regarding your displeasure of the way the line is going. You may pick apart that line and give your opinions of it. You do not have to like it or love it. You may give recommendations for the future. You must be nice and not off-putting in all these comments. This has gotten way out of hand, and it stops here.

When all is said, read and understood… We shall go back back to our regular forums.

Last edited by administor; 04-18-2012 at 09:59 AM.

I find this post absolutely hilarious – has this man got nothing better to do with his time?

Why does he feel the need to lock an entire forum just because things were getting a little heated and – rightly so – Mattel getting lambasted for poor direction that the 1-120 line is taking for 2012?

Why is Mark Curtis so protective of Mattel? DO they actually give a monkey’s toss of some fat bloke in Kennesaw, US&A?

Surely this hissy fit by Curtis has done more damage to his credibility by showing a total lack of a level head. OK, so he chooses – for whatever reason – to invest $400-500 a month in hosting and running the forum on a server. And thus can “claim” that this is his forum. Fair play to him. Obviously has more money than me to burn every month.

But his behaviour is nothing short of dictatorship and insecurity. It seems that there is one rule for him and close friends and rules for others. And his increasingly erratic behaviour as demonstrated within the post above is making him and the MCCH more of a joke than usual.

Maybe Curtis needs his power trip – maybe he needs to feel in control. And maybe this is the only way he can do it – via a faceless medium through the interweb. After all, you can shout as loud as you like via the internet and shields you from reality – a gutless way to exert your so-called “power”. At least by hiding behind a computer monitor, you cannot receive any abuse or be challenged. You are “untouchable” – so to speak.

How long is he going to keep this “ban” on the main forum up? I guarantee you, it will be back up and running by the weekend – he cannot last longer than that as this is what he gets a kick out of. And what are the North American contingent going to do without the  Chief Poo-bah leading them in the Mattel love-fest? Are they going to last not being able to post anything? And if they cannot post anything, where CAN they post whilst waving the Star Spangled Banner?

Yet another compelling reason as to why the MCCH is simply not a good nor friendly environment to discuss the direction of Matchbox. Now don’t get me wrong – the MCCH is THE forum site for resource on MB – there is a wealth of information on there, and I do use it many a time for reference.

But for social interaction and fun, the MCCH rates as zero – in fact, the amount of regular posters outside of US&A can be counted on one hand. Should it not be re-named “The North America Matchbox Forum” ? The problem also seems to lie with the blinkered view on the world from some of the North American contingent. I would like to set the record straight by stating that there are more than enough American’s who know that there is a world outside the US and are very well travelled and understand different cultures, etc. I have respect for these folk.

BUT it seems that the majority of posters on the MCCH who are American have not even set foot out of the country and possibly do not have a passport. And thus encapsulated within their land and news reports of Home for what is going on in the world. Which leads on to such ridiculous suggestions that Matchbox is an American company (!) and the random requests of Americana for the 1-120 range when this is catered for within Hot Wheels (and they still refuse to buy these models as they are not Matchbox even though they are exactly what they want!).

Hence the friction when posting and the over zealous nationalism when challenged about the focus of the brand on the US rather than be marketed as a global diecast brand.

My simple answer is this: if you find such a regimented and harsh environment to discuss Matchbox within the MCCH, then sign up for the Matchbox Collectors Forum or Nick Jones’ Site Vintage Matchbox Forum.  Both sites allow free debate and discussion without being policed and posts being removed.

You have to feel sorry for him in some respects – besides his love to shooting animals (quite happily displays his kills on Farcebook) , it seems that this is all he has.

Mark Curtis – you really have got some big issues going on – may I suggest counselling?

13 thoughts on “Has Mark Curtis finally lost the plot?

  1. Very good comment my man. Spot on. I won't be contributing to the MCCH anymore. If this is the way he treats the people who frequent his forum, he can keep it. I have lost all interest. It's still good, as you say, for reference and for the flea market. That's it.


  2. Thanks for the non-reasoned rant. Civility is all that is being asked for….complain all you want but the MCCH is not for bashing others. Probably best if all complainers simply go elsewhere and have their hissy fits there.


  3. Sauce for the goose is not suitable for the gander, Keefyd? “This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.” Hypocrite.


  4. I see you (keefyd) have removed some posts, so it appears you see the need for drawing lines somewhere – you just disagree with where the MCCH draws its lines on its own website. What's next – banning posts from your blogs?


  5. greetings – it would be good to state your name rather than hide behind “Anonymous” – I see you do not have the balls to do so.


  6. Who is having a hissy fit – I really have no idea. I would be good to state your name so that I can reply to you, but you choose to hide behind “Anonymous” – interesting. Seems pretty gutless.


  7. “You must respect The Matchbox Team,Mattel…” Hilarious!! The way things are going in MCCH and with the downward spiral of Matchbox not helping either…I really wonder if there is any (respect) left.


  8. U R correct. I have seen how Lardyboy punishes his readers, & I dont want u to have the same opportunity. If I were to agree with u, tho, u prolly wouldnt have a problem with hiding my identity.


  9. You cannot respect a bunch of Mattel guys who have nothing to say.Yes they are toys for ankle biters but generally an adult provides the coinage to buy said toy.I am not bashing the numpty man but the silence from him is golden.A pen or keyboard telling all that he is a mushroom and kept in the dark and fed on shit would suffice.


  10. not hiding..just choose to comment politely without becoming the target for personal attacks..just as you have done with regards to my first post.


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