As predicted….Mark Curtis could not keep it closed….

Well, as predicted in my last blog about the situation, the Chief Poo-bah has re-opened the MCCH forum via a message posted by Jim Galleos by the weekend.

I am not going to drag or belittle Jim in any shape or form. I have a lot of respect for this guy, and credit to him he organises the MCCH shindig every year. Quite a logistical feat.

Jim has finally stated that the collector is a very small part of the chain and that the focus is on children. Well done – this is what we have been saying all the time. Whilst I appreciate his post, I do not necessarily agree with the content. I don’t think Mattel have been listening t anyone except the financial bods. If Mattel had been listening we would have had a full listing by now of the 1-120 range. Also what is with the obsession of being buddies with Mattel? Is it just to provide models for the annual shindig that is organised? Or a claim that the MCCH influenced a multi-national in getting out a model they wanted? it just seems that there are lot of people exerting a lot of energy for very little reward. And do Mattel really feel “hurt” when their efforts are criticised? Utter nonsense.

If there was so much passion behind the brand, there would be a up-to-date website, flowing information about the line, and frank and open discussion about the brand, where the problems are and how what they are doing moving forward.

As collectors we are not trying to change the world – far from it. All we are doing is highlighting to Mattel where the problems are and why there is so much money being poured into Hot Wheels at Matchbox’s expense. Why is everything Hot Wheels so up to date, and Matchbox has not a pot to piss in? I would love to hear this conf call with the Mattel team and the Ambassador……

Secondly, it seems that Curtis has done so much damage to his reputation that Jim is offering “olive branches” to those who have left by contacting him directly, and promising to behave themselves. This seems to me a bit of a desperate tactic that Curtis – via Jim – want’s to keep the kudos as the number one MB forum – which it is, make no mistake – but ultimately to massage his own inflated ego. Why offer this to members when Curtis has clearly stated to some of those “fuck off”, by banning the member for daring to challenge Mattel or for petty other things that goes against his ethos. This is one of the reasons that I was given the heave-ho.

Also I disagree with the statement that we were complaining – I think that passionate collectors of the brand could not understand why the MB line has changed so much with an unnecessary re-brand when the 2011 – IMHO – was spot on and really showcased the heritage aspect of the brand. Mattel should feel uncomfortable in the knowledge that the products are not getting out there, but equally should re-buff the wants of the collector that have a constant demand for Americana in the range.

More to the point, many of the arguments were due to the way that the American “wants” were force shoved down everyone’s throats and the ROW wishes were ignored and frowned upon. There are so many US members on the board, it is difficult to get a balanced view on the brand as they now think that it a US owned subsidaty and fail to recognise where it all started.

How many of these collectors can lay claim that they have contributed to a heritage display at the Hackney Museum celebrating the Matchbox manufacture there? Not a single one – and I doubt some of them could ever find Hackney on a map. I have contributed to the display in 2003 – this is documented within Matchbox, and I am very proud to have have some MIB models of mine on display.

I am going to mail Jim and see what he says. If accepted I will use the MCCH for the resource library that it is. Simple as that. If not, then I am not that fussed – I have a new forum home within the MCF which is fast becoming an open and honest place to discuss all that is right and wrong with the Matchbox brand.

As for Curtis – well, what can I say. I can’t even call him a bellend (well, I can) – I just feel sorry for him. He cracked the shits like a petulant child, threw a temper tantrum, and now – possibly due to the majority thinking he is a bit of a prima donna – had to re-open his forum again, because this is all he has……bit of a sad life really, if a forum is what gives you the drive to get up in the morning.


8 thoughts on “As predicted….Mark Curtis could not keep it closed….

  1. It really is sad it has come to this,Mark or Lardy Boy as I call him only has himself to blame.You post a thread on MCCH and if an over zealous mod does not like it it vanishes into thin air.I have done a bit of bashing in my time but nothing that would cause offence,because you and me are from the UK words play into others ears differently.Lardy Boy is a nice and gentle way of saying a portly chap,nothing wrong with it just sounds funny.I am also thinking of dropping Jim a line but I reckon it will a total ban still lol.Anyway I enjoy our new home but getting fed up of others trying to use our new home to tell us to lay off the numpty man.

    Keith I am going on my gun site now for a bloody good banter,no infractions over there mate,you generally get banned for a week or up to four if you are very naughty but that is it,no hissy fit or throwing the toys out of the pan.


  2. I am plump and I take offense you bastard!…..just kidding. I see Darrin (D14) was let back on so one never knows. Not sure why some folks on here do not show who they really are if they care not to be back on the MCCH. Just saying.

    PS…I sort of like this board. Good work.

    Jeff (94SS)


  3. I've just noticed that Jim G no longer appears as a moderator on the MCCH. An interesting development….



    The 2012 International Gathering Of Friends

    Jim G has been in touch and although he is locked out of MCCH for reasons which are none of our concern the gathering is still taking place and Jim would like this information passed on.


  5. The Gathering is on. Please dismiss the deceipt that someone on tob had attempted to spread. I will not stoop to that level and continue to invite all to this event. It id for collectors not about personalities. Come have fun. I hold no ill will and hope he gets over it. We have just parted ways with TOB. This year will be bigger and better than ever with Full Mattel presence and model support. Go to http://www.thetoypeddler for more information.


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