What a week in the world of the diecast collector….

What a week it has been.

It all came to a boil with the meltdown of Mark Curtis on the MCCH by actually closing an entire forum due to the heated debate on there and citing of lack of respect and civility.

Then two days later it re-opened again, and Jim Gallegos offering to welcome back members that had had their “membership” banned.

It is an interesting one – I think that for those who simply clashed with Curtis, the meltdown was fascinating to watch, so much so that some people who had been banned from the MCCH did no even contribute to this. And more to the point enjoyed it – it was like watching reality TV with a so-called “star” just flipping.

However, I think that now is a good as time to let all the bad blood flow through and start afresh. I have sent a mail to Jim to see if he will re-consider letting me back on the MCCH – not so much for me to start antagonising people again, but as I have said before, make no mistake, this is THE resource site for matchbox on the interweb – and for updating matchbox1-75.co.uk, it is an invaluable source.

I now no longer wish to engage in debates on Amerciana and whatnot that centres around Matchbox – for me there is still a little bit too much star spangled banner there, so I wish to observe and contribute (not maliciously) – if allowed – when necessary.

I will see what he says with a reply – chances are he will reject my request – I am almost certain of it. And if that is the case, then so be it. I have asked someone I respect for their view, rather than engage with someone I have very little time of place for.

As I said, it has been a big week for the diecast collector – let’s see if the start of next week heralds a new era.


5 thoughts on “What a week in the world of the diecast collector….

  1. I'm not going back. He showed his true colors when he banned me. I can peak in to see what is happening with new releases, but I am not going to beg for the priviledge of posting there.


  2. I hear what you are saying.

    I have asked – but am not expecting anything – more so I am interested to see if Jim's message was genuine.

    We shall see.


  3. As much as I respect Jim, there is still an underlying tone of restricting comments where they relate to someones dis-pleasure with Mattel.
    I cant help but feel Jims offer of an 'olive branch' is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the MCCH to hold on to some sort of percieved power within the collecting community, sadly I think it may be too late as over the last couple of months myself and otehrs have left for other smaller boards that allow you to express your opinion both positive and negative.
    And for anyone else who wants to be able to speak freely, checkout Nick Jones 'Vintage British Diecast Forum' or the newer “Mathcbox Collectors Forum'


  4. I do agree with your comments

    I have yet to receive a reply from Jim – I will give it a week and then review –

    Both the boards you mention are excellent and some really good debate going on, free from restriction. This is the way it should be –

    I keep asking myself what is the MCCH and Mattel tie and why is it so precious – other boards survive and thrive without this – seems like Mattel is the golden lock of hair – cut it and all will be lost.


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