Chapter closed.

I have been in contact with Jim Gallegos with regards to the recent message posted on the MCCH to coming back to the “fold”.

It has been a good conversation between Jim and myself – I think that there is a mutual respect there. I want to go on the record by thanking Jim for engaging with me in dialogue. It was very much appreciated and he didn’t have to do it – he could have ignored my mail. I have the utmost respect for this guy, and again, I go on record for admiring his work in organising the Shindig in New Mexico. He also gave me a little insight into happenings – I am not going to go deep into here via the blog, but some of it made sense, some of it didn’t. But I get a better understanding.

Jim did go out of his way to champion a way back into the MCCH, but to no avail. I will not reveal the content of the reasons, as I do not think that it is appropriate to do so.

Whilst I do believe that Jim’s offer was 100% genuine to come back to the MCCH board and he did go over and beyond what he needed to do, I feel that there was far too much caveating and compromise (not from Jim) – more to the point that the forum is trying to control what is being said about the Matchbox brand and be THE focal point of the collecting world when it comes to Matchbox. Some have gladly accepted the compromise and returned. Others have severed their ties. It has also come to a boil with the annual shindig – this is documented elsewhere on the interweb – I have no intention in attending this event, so will not stir up a bee’s nest, thus no comment.

I cannot comply with this as it is restricting free speech and the ability to challenge. Sorry “Adminstor”, it does not work that way. I can only think that through this blog and other forums on the net, Curtis does not have control on what is being posted – and therefore is powerless to impose sanctions on the individual bringing law and order. I will still continue to debate and challenge the direction that the MB brand is going – if the designers and MB personnel feel that criticism is harsh, then please get in contact – and explain why. I will be happy to reply to you.
End of the day, the MCCH is not the be all or end all of the Matchbox world. There are those who revel in the debate, and want to follow Curtis’ rules. I do not.

I am not bothered anymore – I really am not. Some of you may be reading thinking “why the hell does he keep bleating on like a cracked record if he is not fussed?!!”

I think it is good for me to get things off my chest via this blog. Hence why.

If Curtis really wanted to protect “his” forum, it would not be public – it would be closed and inaccessible from the web only available to registered members. The cost or running is apparently $410 per month. Bully for him – as I have said before, he has far more money and time than me to constantly police and invest in a forum on the web than I have.

So the chapter is closed . It has been a mental two weeks forum wise, but there are greener pastures. I will continue to express my own views on the subjects, but I am a little mindful of the dialogue between Jim and myself – I may well change the way that I write in future.

7 thoughts on “Chapter closed.

  1. Indeed. And thus the chapter closes Jeff.

    If you wish to view things from another angle, please visit the MCF. You are more than welcome there.


  2. MCF? I am trying to get Nijhuis to get his BB up and running again. He has the best online catalog in my humble opinion. I will still participate on MCCH though but most of my pics go to John's page in the NEws section.




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