Vanguards 1/43 Ford Escort MkII

Now this is more like it. I have been critical of Hornby for some time now with the poor attention to detail to certain Vanguard models. The MGB is a prime example how they it it very wrong, yet with the 309GTi casting they got this spot on.

I am quite pleased with this particular casting. The badging of the car is correct and how I remember the MkII Escort. The body is well cast and the ‘piece de resistance’ is how Hornby have got the wheel casting right.

I was very hesitant when I looked at the pre-pro – it looked bloody awful and I really thought Hornby had f**ked it right up. I have to remember that pre-pro’s are not normally how the model will turn out, but it is swings and roundabouts. The MGB and MkIV Cortina castings looked superb in pre pro, but in reality they were a total let down.

This casting bodes very well for he MkII RS Mexico version due for release this year.

It is pleasing to see Corgi/Hornby take the trouble for this one. I don’t want them to rest on their laurels and will expect pretty much the same for future castings.



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