Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R

The majority of my scale Skylines are in 1/43 scale and from the R30 onwards.

I am not that keen on the older ones, but I do appreciate that these ones were the basis for Godzilla and all that the R32 conquered.

Hot Wheels do a good job producing classic Nissan’s in 1/64 – to be honest I would prefer a Tomica Limited Vintage version, but just don’t have the funds to do some wheeling and dealing on eBay.

So for the time being, these castings fill a hole. For a 1/64 scale model at CHF2.70, I think that it has been very well detailed in terms of tampo. Lovely.

Why Matchbox cannot get such models is beyond me. OK, If they can’t get the model, why not have the same level of detailing – surely they are all produced from the same factory albeit on the different conveyor belt?


2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R

  1. I wouldn't say 'at the moment'…That has been the case since Mattel took over Matchbox. Matchbox has gone to the dogs with the GREAT 'new direction'…silly generics, ridiculous colours & graphics, more plastic than die-cast…What more can a Matchbox collector ask for??? FANTASTIC JOB MATTEL.


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