1/43 Norev – a new player to rival Bburago?

Now this is going to get interesting.

I am not sure how much Norev are going to push these 1/43 scale models, but they are super.

Norev seems to be mainly available in France – there is sod all I have seen here in CH with Majorette filling in a gap within stores such as Migros.

These models have that ‘je nai sais quoi’ and are oh, so very French – there is simple detailing on them, but I think that this is enough – the casting actually carries the car through as a decent casting. Look at the dashboard of the 307 – OK, there is a total lack of positive detailing, but as a mould it is not bad at all.

You can easily add a drop of silver paint to make up the mirrors in the wing mirrors and with a little bit of printing on A4 you coudl very easily make some French number plates.

What I like about these two is that Norev haven’t just settled for a generic wheel on the chassis – each model has their wheels fairly accurately re-cast. So this makes the model more authentic.

For a child play toy, I think that these are wonderful and complement currently my Bburago collection. I will be on the look out for more of these castings.

Of course they still do the high end stuff – one of my pride castings – and sitting within the Garage – is their take on the Renault 30TS – French car, French diecast casting – you are not going to get the likes of AutoArt producing this type of model.

But I do wonder if Norev will look to assault other markets outside of France for these models. I am not sure that the French flavour will go well outside of the native surrounds, but they are certainly tasty and I am hungry for some more.



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