New Hammers away kit for 2013

As my mate said to me once, it’s just a £40 T-shirt with letters on it – 
Yet, I am compelled to buy one every year – God knows how much money I have spent on this. 
First glance of the new away kit – I was not convinced one bit. But after 5 mins, I reckon it would look good with a pair of jeans. 
I have to say that I am a mug like that – there is no logical reason to keep buying a new shirt every year – that £40 could go towards summat else – opportunity cost. 
But, being a little shrewd, I do wait until the sales are on – I am not going to be first one to buy this – I can wait – and normally there is £20 off the RRP towards the end of the season. And with my Hammers membership I get a £10 gift voucher to use as well. Everyone’s a winner.
I also believe that this will be the last year of the current deal with Macron – no bad kits to be honest, but I would love Umbro to come back as they have some very good leisurewear branded stuff for Man City or Adidas – I mean that would be the ultimate in kudos and I reckon that they may produce a good shirt. 


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