Bburago’s 1/43 Ford Focus Estate

Modern day cars are what appeals to me in any range. I tend to leave the fantasy models alone and they are suited to the Hot Wheels range.

The inclusion of a Focus estate in the Bburago 1/43 collection does remind me of K-74 Volvo Estate by Lesney all those years ago.

OK, it doesn’t have the front absorbing bumper, nor the opening boot, but I think that by owning that particular model, I realised that there were estate cars available on Britain’s roads. Yes, I had seen them in real life, but never paid much attention.

Normally there is a tendency to just include all the supercars and be done with it. I am really pleased that Bburago has decided not to go down this route and concentrate on what is seen. And more to the point, the little people will relate to this car. They can see a version on the road.

The proportions are captured well, tampoing is nicely executed – a good, honest model.



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