Is it a glamourous life?

I have often wondered what does happen to ex-glamour models.

They have a very short shelf life and seem to be blinded by the rich and famous lifestyle. Certainly was the case at the peak of Page3 in the 1980s and 1990s, with footballers arms being weighed down with a model on either side.

Some have made it past the graveyard years of 26 onwards – Zoe McConnell is a successful photographer

Zoe McConnell – then and now

 Rachel Garley a make up artist and model agent, Linda Lusardi a successful actress,

Linda Lusardi – then and now

and famously model turned pop star Sam Fox. 

To name but a few.

Some have chosen to lead a quieter life and move on – Belinda Charlton is now a housewife with three children, Louise Hodges is retiring, Teresa May opting to stop modelling…

Most however have faded well into obscurity – Angela Lea, Debbie Cummins, Karen White – once household names, now seem to be on the modelling scrap heap.

Then we have those go simply need the limelight – even though their time has come and gone. Lindsey Dawn McKenzie is back doing quite naughty things again even though she quit a few years back. Same applies to Charmaine Sinclair who is a regular on Freeview’s late night smut slots.

Which brings me nicely on to Vicky Eisermann, or should we say Vicky Lee, once of her grazing the pastures of the Sunday Sport revealing all and sundry and failed Big Brother contestant.


Vicky Lee/Eisermann – then and now 

Why Eisermann was on this programme I do not know – a so-called animal rights activist for PETA, it seemed that she took every opportunity to discreetly get her kit off for a photo shoot for the cause. Yet, she looked like a ghastly caricature of a blow up doll in her hey day with the amount of enhancement she added to herself.

You would think that she could be classed as a former celeb – after all, she did claim to have rumpo with David Ginola – but has ended up being a member of the public on a dying reality TV show, an faced the ultimate embarrassment of being booted off first.

Just smacks to me of career not going well, and needing desperate reboot. And does beg the question, once the glamour career is over, then what?


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