The Gathering is coming….but will Curtis stop pumping swamp water?

The MC Gathering is on next weekend in New Mexico, US&A.

Jim Gallegos has done a fine job in organising the event – this is the 10th annual gathering for the collecting community, which was previously under the MCCH banner.

It is going to be a good one – there are some members of the MCF who are attending and excitement is getting akin to a 10 year old girl at a Justin Bieber gig. It’s all good –  and really shows how important an event this really is in the collecting calendar year.

It has been well documented about the events which has led to the MCCH stopping all association with The Gathering. It has been the stuff of incredible things. More so for the fact that Mark Curtis – the self proclaimed Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber)  – has severed all ties with The Gathering, and ostracising one of the most influential men in model collecting in the process.

I can only describe this behaviour as disturbing. This is not the rational of a man who has his marbles. More like a man who is a model short of a 10-pack.

Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) has proclaimed that the event is not taking place. The Gathering has been cancelled. So Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber), how the fuck did you come to this conclusion when you cannot get off your fat Kennesaw arse and organise it? This was all Jim’s work, yet you are trying to cancel it?

I really feel sorry for the poor loyal b’stds on the MCCH. They are really craving some info on The Gathering, yet all posts that refer to this have been deleted, or moved somewhere obscure which means that they cannot be found easily – the latter the placate some of his closest “allies” on the site. My question – yet again – is why? Why is there a need to banish mention of The Gathering? What harm is there? 

Some of the loyal MCCH members will be attending the Gathering this year. These are the folk who ONLY view the MCCH and nothing else. They will not get any information from the Gathering at all due to Curtis and his issues. This is a real shame – these folk (apart from the odd nutter) don’t really deserve this, but it seems that if Curtis gets punished, they all get punished. “Stay with me, or don’t come back” seems to be the somewhat desperate message. 

I really hope that some truths are exposed at the Gathering of the events that have led to this sorry state of affairs. Clearly those who are loyal and defend need to hear about how their generosity to keeping the MCCH board running may have also been diverted to help Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) in other matters.

I see there no point in Curtis consistently denying that the Gathering is taking place. This is the path to self destruction. The MCCH was once the pride of the collecting community forum-wise – every bugger was on there, discussing the hobby. And now? A shadow of its former self, it really is…..the best you can see is sschevyman’s pointless postings of his collection on a regular basis, which just seems to be a way of boosting his post count. More visitors than members.

I just feel sorry for Mark Curtis – I really do. Why can’t the man suck it up, apologise and just get on with it? His “house” is on very shaky foundations at the moment – will the Gathering rock those foundations to core?
Possibly, but methinks Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) is a resilient chap. But I just don’t get this need for control. Maybe he was bullied at school – bog flushed on his first day, hence the small man syndrome he exhibits. Why the need to not mention eBay – I mean, FFS…..what have they ever done to him?! The consistent banning of members and infractions for speaking out against Mattel. I mean, he is not part of the Gathering anymore, so now what? 

Who knows. I would really like to see this picture below happening one day: 

However, this final quote from Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) himself about this year’s Gathering says it all really: 

Should you be going to another event, go. Have fun. I am most unwelcome there, and will not be going myself.

Good. Just fuck off then.

Like the Millwall, no one likes you, no one cares. You are a sad, lonely man. It doesn’t have to be this way, but you started the war.

Enjoy playing with yourself.

And the models if you can be bothered.


3 thoughts on “The Gathering is coming….but will Curtis stop pumping swamp water?

  1. As I recall, you were banned from Mark's clubhouse. So you should say “I am most unwelcome there, and shall not be going myself.” And we in the chorus will reply “Good. Just fuck off then.”

    If you were still a schoolgirl, we would think you were smitten with him. But you are not, so grow up and move along.


  2. I love this.

    You get all of Administors friends coming out and defending the chap when there is a blog post being written about Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber).

    What amuses me more is that these folk refuse to have a name behind the post and choose to hide – a bit like the Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) himself – happy to have a say, but no bollocks to be a man and declare who you are.

    Firstly, I want to thank you for actually reading the blog – you have bothered to come this way and participate – good work!

    Secondly, you seem very cosy at the MCCH – where others have left in drones and the site is a shadow of what it used to be. How are you going to find out information about the Gathering? By reading other message boards of course. There is now way on earth Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) will allow anything to be posted on his “house”.

    And the irony is that Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) will visit the various un-moderated sites to have a look what went down. I mean, how gutted must Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) be at this point – it all happens on Friday.

    So, I wonder who actually needs to “grow up and move along” – perhaps you need to ask Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) why he is now going in cap in hand for donations, why there is fuck all people posting on that site, and why like yourself there is a few who still are loyal, yet read blogs like these and visit places like the MCF.

    Good on you for posting Anonymous – you are simply boosting traffic to this blog.

    Methinks you may have a soft spot for Adminstor (God donut, auto cucumber) – ah, bless, maybe you can share some of his tomato relish – he seems to have an awful lot if it. But no-one to share…….


  3. Who is the dribble dick hiding behind annon Keefyd,we can work out easy enough as the site has hardly any posters as it is.The big man cannot even put his name to his reply but has to hide.Lmao


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