Minichamps 1/43 Ford Focus ST MKIII

This model was sitting on my desk for ages at work, and I have only just got around to photographing it.

It was about €25 at this years Geneva Motor Show from the Ford stand.

As usual, it comes with Minichamps outstanding attention to detail – just look at the accuracy of the tampos for the model at the front and rear – accurate to the tee. Paint finish is spot on and I do like the packaging that the model came in as well. But surprisingly enoughm it has not found its way into the Garage yet……space is now getting to a premium – and I am still after than Mugen Civc from Ebbro.

I would love to have a garage full of Minichamps and AutoArt, but reality is that they are expensive. However, it seems like dealer models – and I have seen some Minichamps in a German Audi dealership for around €25 – could be the way forward.



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