Going out…..coming in – the new MB Ambassador

I make no apologies at all for the content of this post – non whatsoever – if people don’t like, tough.

The 10th MC Gathering of Friends has seen the departure of the current incumbent of the MB Ambassdor. I am not going to mention the indivudal’s name – many in the collecting world knows who  he is.

I go on the record for saying that his professional CV is second to none – one that I actual envy for the position that he is one – so good on him – he has done well in life, and I congratulate him on his personal achievements.

However his tenure as the MB Amby over the last year has been nothing but shambolic. I go as far as saying it was nothing short of disgraceful. Complete lack of updates, attempted humour (which was flatter than a pancake) and a general piss poor attitude for keeping members updated on events. Not even a monthly “sorry folks, no news from Mattel” happening. Shocking. Yet adds this as a major achievement/ honour as part of his CV!

Sorry, the last incumbent should never have been give the position as he did not meet the expectation of the collector. Far too busy riding off the kudos that the position supposedly brings. And his lack of updates about the brand over the last year can be reflected in the non-existent update of his own personal website – something which has not been done since around 2005.

Folk, may think that he is a good bloke, etc, blah, blah, but I am glad to see the back of him. He did nothing for the collector, despite all those defending him saying his hands were tied by Mattel giving him the necessary info.


How difficult would have been to do a monthly update off his own back? A rabbit caught in headlights.

So, now the new incumbent is known – I honestly thought Mattel would can the position after the royal fuck up made of it last year. But in John Lambert, there is new hope.

John runs a very good blog about diecast, unwrapped from their blisters – and normally writes a witty and honest review. He also spends a shit load of cash on diecast.

I sincerely hope he does a better job than last year’s incumbent – I have no doubt in my mind that he will.

Looking forward to it John – best of luck for 2012/13


2 thoughts on “Going out…..coming in – the new MB Ambassador

  1. First of all I agree the last Ambo was piss poor in informing his watching public.I think this will not be the case with John and I also hope he does not release his information via the MCCH.Mattel should steer well clear of that site for several reasons.
    I wish John great success.


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