BMW art

Some interesting “bodywork” by some famous artists as part of the BMW art collection.

I am really not sure why Warhol painted the M1……but then again, is it art? (No, looks like a fucking mess).

(Source: Metro 26/07/2012).


4 thoughts on “BMW art

  1. I saw them yesterday ! I planned a day trip to London to see the olympic atmosphere in Stratford and the centre of London, and just on Wednesday, I heard about this exhibition through the BBC website !

    Too bad about the location, though. I know Shoreditch is a trendy area, but it's a long way from any tube station. So I've tried the Boris Bikes instead.


  2. I didn't know if my Travelcard was valid on buses too, so as an avid hire bike user in Brussels, I thought I'd try the british system. The bikes are OK, but have only 3 speeds, and the unlocking procedure is a royal pain.


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