The Olympic Spirit – London 2012

Despite the fuck up’s with G4S and the futile threats of the UK border security and transport Unions, the Olympics in London are finally here and truly under way.

It was a fantastic opening ceremony by Danny Boyle – celebrating all that is good about being British – and I love the fact that it was so British at times, some countries probably didn’t get it – marvellous! Not to mention that the anthem from the Boleyn Ground – I’m forever blowing bubbles – got a rendition, which was a direct reference to the club. Made me proud, and the arms were aloft like at Upton Park on match day.  We were up until 02h00 watching with the prospect of the little one waking up at 05h00 !

The TV is on for almost all the day, and we are watching as much of it as possible. The venues look amazing, and we will see it in the flesh next week for the Women’s Beach Volleyball and Mens Football final.

I am really excited about it all, and really want Team GB to exceed what they achieved in Beijing.(I hope so – bad first day for Cavendish who I thought was a dead cert).  And I am watching all the disciplines no matter what – great exposure to stuff you are not really aware of.

For those who state that they could not give a monkey’s toss about it. well, you can’t avoid it – and frankly shame on you. You need not have an interest in sport at all, but at least back your home country for staging the bloody thing. Amazingly, someone on the MCF has declared that they will avoid everything possible to do with the Olympics and they reside in the UK. All very disappointing – I can’t believe that they would rather hunt for a shade variation than spur on our athletes.

The response may be “each to his own”, but in our lifetime, and long after we leave this earth, this event may not come back to London for another century or more – it is truly a once in a lifetime event. Unlike the discovery of a new variation of paint shade where only about 6 people in a world population of 7 billion give a shit.

It is here – 7 years in the making.

I am up for it. Go Team GB!


2 thoughts on “The Olympic Spirit – London 2012

  1. To me it is nothing more than a Jolly for Lord Coe and his cronies.Good luck to Team GB but get rid of the BBC from doing these events,they are shite at it these days,to many reporters because they have to much money to spend.They are like a jinx to the competing athletes,they are awarding the bloody medals before they have competed.Cav to win the road race BBC was a major gaff and you are doing the same thing tonight with the swimmers,shame on you.

    Does not make me proud Keefyd,I am Welsh and not a Londoner and all I see is empty seats and relatives of the sport stars cannot get tickets, a big farce.


  2. The debacle with the seating stuff up is a disgrace and a shame for the athletes families that would like to see their family member compete, the cost and amount of money the British tax payer has spent on this is outrageous and such a waste for a select few to have a sports carnival, of course having said that I did watch most of the opening ceremony as my son wanted to see it and the organisers did Great Britain proud. That ceremony will be talked about for years to come and is something that every Brit should be proud of. What an awesome show


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