Hot Wheels Bentley Continental GT SuperSports

Bentley have produced some beautiful cars – and I mean beautiful.

 2009 The Flying Spur – IMHO – is one of the best looking 4-door saloons in the world. And Bentley always had a bit more cred than Rolls Royce – more understated and thus cooler – a bit like Daimler to Jaguar.

The Continental GTC is quite ugly – let’s be frank about it – the front end treatment for today’s model does not make it a good looking car – somewhat disjointed, almost bug like –

Hot Wheels have created the model for the 2012 range.

In contrast to my last blog on the Z06, this model seems to have been given the full treatment in terms of front and rear end detailing – which is rather cool.

Why this can’t be done on other models, I simply do not know.

Not a car I would own inreal life if I had the money , but this satisfies the needs of a 1/64 collection as it is rare to see such a high end model re-created like this. I also wonder if Hot Wheels borrowed the casting from Matchbox on this one……



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