Corgi Toys return……

Ah, yes… we go with a post from Chris Pryor, one of the  Adminstor Brigade who has also been stupid enough to donate to keep Adminstor (God Donut, Auto Cucumber)’s little site up and running.

Chris’ posts are very pro-Mattel and Matchbox and he loved nothing more than the MCCH – yet to venture further out than the confines of one forum. 

My comments are in red: 

Default Corgi Juniors return..

Well sort of…

My local Tesco had some of these in. They were announced at the post Christmas toy fairs.

I got one and may get a few more, but probably not all.

This, a Scania fire engine, seemed the pick of the crop….

A realistic, if simplistic, colour scheme.

So take note Mattel – why you cannot do this for the normal 1-75 range I do not know – are kids really after whacky graphics (well, after all your US centric consumer focus groups must be right)? 

They are solidly made and remind me of the Siku basic range vehicles. Were they called Cadets at one point? 

No. Where did you get that info from genius? 

It looks like it should have painted rear windows? Its solidly made – as the packaging claims…

What’s with the sarcasm here Chris – annoyed that Mattel can’t get their act together? 

Its a sort of double blister that needs scissors to open. Each is numbered – like MBs.

Complete bollocks – from the front of the blister, it appears that you can open the front of the blister with ease. More to the point, show how you need scissors to open it –

This is what was on offer…

(not many HWs either) The other decent ones – Sprinter vans (police and fire) and an Ambulance with a box back. A police Discovery, farm Land Rover, a then generic loaders, tractors and a helicopter.

There were also some 5 packs….

The farm one has a nice ATV and trailer in it. I didn’t see this separately available. The mixer looked good too.

These are good solid toys, they’ll survive in the toy box. Looking at the Corgi site there don’t look to be any cars as such.

However their price £1.79 each and £7.96 for a 5 pack is far too much. (MB 98p and £4.85 for a 5 pack.) means they they will be slow sellers. 

How do you know – do you work in Sales? Are you in the Supermarkets and have spoken to people? These are chunky little cars and the price point reflects the materials used. If you want cheap tut, get the Matchbox F-550 Truck – more plastic than metal – and that’s a pound.

The comment is unjustified as this has just been released and is trying to make its mark.

The green is very appealing – more so than the blue of HW – so give the bloody things a chance before writing them off!

A reply from another poster:I think for what they are, HW and MB are at the right price point. They all feature too much plastic and near to no opening or moving features. And there aren’t really any in the line-up which kids would buy as a ‘dad’s car’. WIth Sikus hitting £3-4 each now, and not with many great opening features any more either, these cars at this price point could be just what the market needs.

There is an argument that MBs are too cheap at around £1 and that, say, £1.50 each might bring a return of suspension, metal bases and more printing?

Really Chris? that is 29p less than Corgi – so where is the fucking difference?  Corgi seem to be better made, and it is a British product. Should you not be supporting that?

Happy collecting


Thank you Chris for your wisdom. I suggest that you stick with Matchbox – I distinctly get the impression you don’t want this range to succeed. 


One thought on “Corgi Toys return……

  1. What a complete id yacht he is making himself look.On one hand he is saying Siku quality and on the other dissing the price.

    If I remember correctly he collects those little Oxfords which the quality is not so clever and they are more than Matchbox.


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