Banger Racing – wanted destruction or artistic skill?

It can be said that Banger Racing –  normally scrap cars (various classes have 4-, 6-, or 8-cylinder engines) – is an art form of racing. I used to love watching it on World of Sport in ITV many a year ago. Cars getting smashed to bits, it was like the A-Team in overdrive. 

But I have been watching some clips lately on YouTube and it really brought a tear to my eye – 

Banger racers cite that the cars used are just scrap and cannot be restored – they also advise that any parts that are not used are re-distributed to the enthusiast community as spares.

I am all for some cars being used in this field – early Mondeo’s, Korean stuff, Primera’s, XJ40’s – go for gold. You cannot really class a Mondeo as a future classic car (some might). But I am happy for these to be used. And it is quite a skill driving around not getting the living crap belted out of you from a Series 1 XJ.

Where I draw the line is the pre-1976 stuff. Unless the car is totally beyond restoration or salvageable, then I see no need for these cars to be used at all. You have to look at the pages of Practical Classics to see rotten cars that are consigned to the scrap graveyard. But those that are up and running in banger racing??

These cars can never be re-created again – they are history and as much as possible should be preserved as a record of motoring chronology. So it pains me to see these cars purposely wrecked for entertainment and sport. But the devil inside me perversely enjoys watching the carnage……….
Wanted destruction or artistic skill?


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