It really is not difficult Mattel…..

Back in the day, you used to be able to get hold of a catalogue for the 1-75 range of models and others as well. It showed you what was out there and that you could tick off the model that you have just got with your hard earned pocket money.

Since taking over the brand, Mattel have got bloody lazy and let’s be honest, they can’t really be arsed with it all. The MCF have had many a call for Mattel to produce at least a PDF chart of the 2012 models – you have to take a look at the “refreshed” website to see that beauty is skin deep and there is fuck all that showcases the original Matchbox concept of 1-75 models.

Now Corgi’s new owner’s Hornby want a piece of the action and have gone about it in the right way:

The release of the Corgi Toys die cast range aims to get kids back into that collecting habit with their range.

And they have gone about it the right way – just have a click on the link below:

Now, this is what will inspire little people to collect the entire lot.

With Matchbox, unless you are a collector, you haven’t a fucking what the entire range is as there is nothing to tell you!

FFS Mattel, how hard is it to produce a PDF of the 1-120 range???????

It can be done – Hornby have proved it – or just you can’t be bothered, and continue to deprive all collectors this type of information?


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