Diecast on EasyJet ????

Now, I have a thing for looking through the duty free gumpf on flights to see what kind of stuff they offered. As mentioned in a previous blog you can get some exclusive Lego sets that will never be released on general sale.

I loathe EasyJet and their policy of charging stupid prices for poor quality grub on the plane. Always go prepared with a sarnie and a bought drink at the airport before boarding. They give you cheap-ish flights, but I would rather pay extra in some cases for a proper carrier.

And the rip off continues with this gem of an item below:

Since when did three Realtoy castings cost £10?????

For the unsuspecting traveller, they may get sucked in to buying this so called “bargain”. Would it not be better for EasyJet to offer a 5-pack of Matchbox or HW instead? Routemaster, FX4 and BMW Mini are all available from the Mattel stable…….so why not??


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