Happy with 3 points, but where are the strikers?

It was a ground out result at St James’ Park this arvo, and thanks to Kevin Nolan, the Hammers secured 3 vital points taking us to 6th in the Premier League table. Above the Spuds, Gooners and Scoucers – who would have thought it at this stage in the season?!

What does worry me though is if Nolan does get injured, then who have we got up front? I discount Andy Carroll for these purposes – he could be sold at any moment, so unless he is on a permanent contract I take nothing for granted. Carlton does not seem to get a look in these days, neither does Maiga – Vaz Te is injured.

And that’s about it – I can’t for the life of me think of any other know strikers we have at this point in time. We can’t go through the rest of the season relying on the midfield to get us goals and such – it won’t sustain us.

January sees the opening of the transfer window again. I hope that 2 David’s give Big Sam a little cash to go out and get some quality up front. Carroll is not going to be at the Hammers for ever and he could well go in two months time.

Contingency is key to the Hammers surviving this season. And that means a good, honest striker. 


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