Corgi’s social media engagement

My recent blog shows how Mattel refuse to engage on a social media level with the collector and consumer when it comes to the Matchbox brand. In this day and age, this is shocking to say the least and leaves a distinct impression that Hot Wheels is the main focus with the Matchbox brand in the stable to stave off competition. And naturally HW gets a shit load of social media presence and the necessary backing from Mattel – after all they did “invent” the brand rather than acquire…..

On the opposite side, I want to highlight the engagement that Corgi is now taking with all their ranges of diecast.

I have been a fierce critic of the Vanguards brand over the last couple of years via this blog on the direction of the Vanguards brand and also from a QC perspective. 

I really wanted to test the water and see the actual intent of Corgi with their social media presence. I already interacted with them via Twitter, but you get more characters on Farcebook……so I took to scribe.

I will admit I was very very surprised to see a reply by Corgi themselves as per below. Not the usual one word answer bullshit that Matchbox collectors have come to expect via the MB Amby, but an actual reply. 

How good is that?! Corgi are not hiding and take the punches well. And the spelling mistakes show that someone is writing a response, and not just a robot PR machine.

My comments below are not out of malice, but of sheer frustration that the brand promises so much but time and time again falls short.

I am very pleased by this interaction and encouraged to challenge again where I think is necessary. The real test will be to see if Corgi/Hornby take the feedback on board and make the necessary changes where applicable and appropriate. 

Post below is directly taken from the Corgi Farcebook page. 

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  • KD The wheels are STILL not right – the ones photographed in the pre-pro’s were spot on – yet when released they are nothing like them. I am put off getting this model – attention to detail needs to be spot on – those wheels aren’t – same applies to the MkIII Cortina – and you only have to look at the shambles known as the Dolly Sprint wheels to see how bad it can get.
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  • Corgi Die-Cast Hi Keith. The Dolmite Sprint wheels you mention were first modelled nearly twelve years ago and have since been altered. With regards to the MGB wheels, the actual wheel is correct but aspects of the decoration may be slightly different, however we can look into improving this detail.
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  • KD Appreciate your comment and feeback. The Dolly Sprint wheels have stuck in my mind for some time and I have never really got over them……

    With regards to the MGB, please do look at the pre-pro and then then detail on the actual model. I was so excited that this casting came out and then when I saw it in the flesh I just could not bring myself to buy it – call it fussy, but the wheels put me right off. 

    I did a blog a while back on this matter :

    Attention to detail like this is so important when you are up against the likes of Minichamps, AutoArt, IXO, etc. Some cases they are all good – MkII Granada is one case, as were the wheels on the 130SRi Mk Cavalier. 

    But more often than most some of the details is poor – and has prevented me to adding these models to the Garage. Maybe it seems a little too much for a collector to voice an opinion, but I am very passionate about this range and want it to do well – but with flaws such as this, it is hard to be convinced at times.
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  • Corgi Die-Cast We appreciate your passion and knowlede Keith and of course we don’t want to dissapoint our collectors. Thanks for your comment and info. This has been passed over to our Vanguards researchers and development team.
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