1100 up

Always good to go Weil am Rhien and check out Marktkauf, the local “super” supermarket.

Some remaining models for 2012 have been released there and I snapped them up. I don’t know why I bother, as I doubt I will complete 2012’s lot in 2012!

But what the significance of today’s clutch means is that I have just catalogued by 1100th Matchbox model. Yes, I have 1100 of the buggers all over the shop – some in CH and the majority in the UK.

Other collectors like Dave Tilley and Jim Gallegos have collections hitting 5 digits (exclude DT’s shade variation BS, and he probably has three actually different models). I am not competing with them, nor do I intend to.

I but what I can find, I never go on “hunts”, it is not about the numbers – for me the collection steadily grows. And I am content with that. 


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