Routemasters around Croydon

I am trying not to use Farcebook anymore, but I have to say that there are some good snippets of information that pop up from time to time.

I saw a page for “Bygone Croydon” – images and pictures of my hometown throughout the ages. Some of them are brilliant – I remember clearly the Whitgift Centre layout prior to the glass makeover it had in the 1990s. It used to be quite an expedition there with Mum. And an opportunity to get some Matchbox in Woolies or WH Smith.

But I also came across this video posted on the site as well. Yes, it is a little nerdy, but is it very significant for several reasons.

1. Someone took a camcorder in 1986 and actually filmed the high street –
2. It captures the High Street prior to all the pedestrianisation that took place – yes, cars could drive up and down.
3. It shows the Routemaster at work – all the bus routes that were available at the time and public transport that you simply don’t see anymore – Daimler Fleetlines and MCW Metrobus’ – all consigned to the scrapheap now as the eco bus has taken over.
4. Look at the traffic – MkIV Cortina’s, Dolomites, MkI Sierra, Cavalier’s (MkI & II), Morris Ital BT Van…..where are these cars nowadays? Most have been scrapped and crushed and only a few survive – so this is gold to see them actually doing what they were meant to be doing – being used as everyday transport.

It is a wonderful piece of film – it is very significant to myself, but a timeless reminder of the motoring past.


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