West Ham 3, Champions of Europe 1

Well, who would have believed it. At 1-0 down after 14 mins, I thought that rhe writing was on the wall….so I was half tuning into Sky Sports.

But the Carlton goes and makes it a bit more interesting and then add Diame and Miaga’s goals and we came back to beat the European champions at the Boleyn.

I was half expecting us to lose again but the nature of the fight back was summat else. Firstly, no Andy Carroll for the next 6-8 weeks through injury. Second, this game came the back of two defeats in a row.

But it pleased me that we fought back and now Carlton Cole will look to have a starring role which at one point earned him an England cap.

I could not ask for much more TBH. It was a very brave performance. And add to this that this evening, and not for the first time we are above the Gooners and Liverpool again.

Big Sam seems to be doing summat right – whatever it is, please can we have this for all our performances. We are going the right way to maintain our first season back in the Premier League and gives us a foundation to build on.

But as of this evening, I am happy in the knowledge of the following score line: West Ham 3, Champions of Europe 1.


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