Matchbox 2013 sneak peaks

The current Matchbox Amby will now be updating the collecting community on the miniature releases in store for next year via his blog at

I quite like the Explorer casting below – as the photos are pre-pro’s, I am hoping that there will be a little more detail in terms of headlights and rear clusters. A good little casting.

I have edited where necessary – but the content is attributed to John Lammert.

First up is the 2012 Ford Explorer.  Ford allowed the Matchbox team to do a modified version of the Explorer, equipped with roof flashers, brush guards, and running boards.  It will debut in the 2012 lineup in Forest Ranger livery, and then return in 2013 in Fire Chief livery. 

Next up is another new model for 2013, the Sand Shredder.  This is a sportsman style 4-wheel ATV that differs from the older 4-wheeler. 

And yes, those are the brand new Matchbox 4×4 wheels.  With the multitude of off-roaders infiltrating the lineup, there was a need to create more aggressive looking off-road wheels, and they have done that.  Look for them on several models in 2013, including the brand new International Scout, which we will preview in a future update.


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