One thing I want to say to you all…..

This is an excerpt from the Farcebook page of fanzine OLAS (Over Land and Sea).

Gary Firmager is the editor, and I often see him outside the gates selling the fanzine (which I used to buy religiously every match until I could not justify it any longer due to space).

I think that this is very true of the situation with the OS (Olympic Stadium) – and should be remembered.


One thing I want to say to you all. Whatever your opinion re the relocation, stay strong to your belief. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your beliefs. We must not turn on each other. This is vital. West Ham United fans are without doubt the finest in the land. Fake wankers like Chelsea, Arsenal, Tott and Mancs all look at us in awe. Because we are real fans. Retain your pride, retain your view. What will be will be, but whatever that is, wherever we play our football, we will return to the claret and blue umbrella, and be underneath it together. This is what we have to remember. We must not fight each other, respect each others view, they are entitled to it. We are WEST HAM UNITED. This is one subject that could disect us. Dont allow it to. Best, Gary


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