Social media v. Diecast Forums

Believe it or not I am really trying not to use Farcebook anymore. I really couldn’t give a crap about what you had for breakfast and other random, pointless snippets of people’s lives (this mainly applies to those annoying people who feel the need to update their status every five minutes).

However, FB is fast becoming an excellent source to interact with products that you like by firms. 

I blogged a few days back about how Corgi is making strides with regards to getting close and personal with their market and customers, and I am convinced that they are paying attention unlike the numpty brigade at Mattel Towers.

It also got me thinking. OK not everyone is a fan of Farcebook and the way that it does look to control your life. But within the Corgi Die-cast page, I have engaged with fellow collectors and enthusiasts, and even received a wonderful document cataloguing the entire Vanguards range to date. There are also sensible suggestions for new castings and normal conversations. And no fear of moderation or ridiculous rules like “you cannot use a free e-mail address to register”, etc. I would not have had this information no the document if I purely used a messageboard. 

What is interesting is that you get to interact with other folk who may not be aware nor wish to be part of the forum community. So you get a totally different perspective on things, as you get to know what the regulars are like on a message board.

And if Farcebook keeps growing at the rate it has been doing and with companies increase their presence on the social network, where does that leave forums?

I think that they will still be around, but in future years to come, but if firms see the future within social media rather than the traditional message board, it will mean that the significance of such boards trying to influence the direction of a brand will be worthless if companies are giving such communities less focus.


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