West Ham 2, West Ham Old Boys 3.

Up to 78 minutes, I honestly thought that we were going to get the three points.

Ok, you could argue that both of our goals were fortunate – a penalty and Gerrard o.g…….but with a 1 goal lead, Liverpool are always a threat – and we paid the price with a well taken goal by Joe Cole and then Jonjo Shelvey’s slice of luck with the winner.

At least Johnson and Cole did not rub it in when they both scored – respect.

I was hoping that the win against Chelsea would inspire us – adn TBH we played well, but just lacked that quality to ensure that we shut out the Scoucers out. Add to this that Suarez was not playing through a one match suspension – this really should have been a game where we at least took a point.

And now we are in the bottom half of the table for the first time this season.


No, certainly not – those who are annoyed at where we are at the moment in the league need to take a good hard look at themselves and actually wonder what they want from West Ham.

I am not concerned in the slightest – well, not at this point anyway…..11th at this stage is still respectable for a promoted team – you only have to look at Reading and Southampton to see that they are in a worse off position.

Chrimbo is normally a good time to pick up points – but the games are not easy – Gooners, Everton and the Baggies occupy 5th, 6th and 7th respectively.

Let’s see if Santa can deliver a nice present over Chrimbo to the Hammers faithful – 9 points from that little lot would go down nicely.


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