60th Anniversary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police

I am not a fan of the 60th Anniversary series by a long way – Mattel have truly fucked up an anniversary series yet again, with garish paint jobs and generally a poor choice of vehicle.
But there is one highlight – and that is the Evo X Police.
Donning Essex Constabulary colours, I think that this is one of the best models that has come out of Mattel’s Matchbox stable for a very long time.  Accurate, smart and very British – it is a good choice to have a police car for once not in US clothing.

The detailer’s out there will be able to add more detail in terms of accenting the lights and badging of the car. But for those like me who have a shakey hand, the standard release will do just fine.

This is a highlight of the 60th Anniversary range, and if there was only one model I would purchase, this would be it. Not because is it a special edition – it just has been done bloody well.

I await the Renault Master ambulance and Lambo Gallardo that is coming out as part of the range as well.

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