You have to feel sorry for Umbro…..

Well, is may be the case that you don’t. But I really do…..

Until recently, they had quite a few clubs on their books – Lille, Man City, Lyon, Southampton, to name but a few. Even the Hammers had Umbro kits for 3 years. And I really liked most of their leisure stuff – I bought quite a bit – smart and retro. I have also a lot of football training stuff from Umbro when I used to play 5-a-side, and it is good quality stuff – and good for wearing to the football as well as playing in it.

But look at the state of play now –

In Sept 2012, the English FA – one of Umbro’s biggest contracts – announced that Nike was going to make their kits from next season. The City followed as well swapping from Umbro to Nike. Less  than a week ago, Lillle followed suit.

Nike have also sold Umbro in October this year. This snippet from the BBC News website cites why:

“It is difficult to divest any business, but this action will enable us to focus on our highest-potential growth opportunities,” said Nike boss Mark Parker.

“Umbro has a great heritage but, ultimately, as our category has evolved, we believe Nike football can serve the needs of footballers on and off the pitch.”

TBH, it is a load of bollocks from Nike – glancing at the Man City stuff from time to time, Umbro have produced some lovely stuff. Very cool with that dash of British urban chic. 

So what is left for Umbro now – they have hardly got anyone on their books, Sports Direct are flogging their stuff with their usual ridiculous discounts…..and a handful of national sides along with the odd club here and there……

I very much hope that Umbro do get back into producing club strips – it is an iconic brand and I was gutted when West Ham got rid of them for Macron. They produce still a lot of football training stuff, but it will be interesting to note if they go the way of the Adidas Originals brand and become more a fashion label than a sports item company. Or do both.

At the moment, I really don’t know which direction Umbro is going to go – but I hope that they don’t fade into obscurity despite the loss of some high profile contracts. 


2 thoughts on “You have to feel sorry for Umbro…..

  1. Umbro can't just fold, or…? I love Admiral too.
    Great English stuff from the home of football, FOOTBALL.
    Not some throwing of a leather egg in 20 second stints With helmets on.

    Show how much 'aimed guiding' of slack-jawed imbesiles can ruin
    for a great brand.

    Nike is the newcomer. The little ginger, curly haired kid with glasses down the street, (no offence, I'm that kid myself) that just moved in. Even American baseball can't seem to warm up to their stuff (I love baseball).

    Screw it. Simply go out there and love the English brands. Raise Your woice, find the FA officials with dollars in their pocket, step on them and keep buying English brands.


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