Nissan invests £250m in Sunderland – but will they actually sell Infiniti’s?

From the Beeb website this morning
Nissan says it is investing £250m in Sunderland to make a small luxury car, creating “hundreds of jobs” in the UK.
“The Sunderland factory is very competitive,” said Nissan’s chief performance officer Colin Dodge.
The Infiniti model was penned by Nissan’s design team in London and engineered at its technical centre in Bedfordshire.
Their brief was to appeal to buyers in Europe, where the marque’s sales are weak.
Whilst this is great news for the UK in the midst of a recession that is hitting the economy hard, I can’t help but think that Nissan are on a hiding to nothing. 
To a degree, the Infiniti brand is a bit like Lexus – 
Lexus is posh Toyota, Infiniti is a posh Nissan. 
Trying to promote the Infiniti brand as a premium is going to be very hard work, when pitching against the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. European buyers are going to buy European cars – Infiniti is a rare sight on the roads here in CH……i would say even more so in the UK. 
The brand has been well established in the US&A for a while now and does well there. And don’t get me wrong – I love the modern Japanese line-up from Nissan with crazy names like the Elgrand, LAFESTA HighwaySTAR, Fuga and Cima – the latter are the basis of the Infiniti models.
Lexus have shown a glimpse of madness with the LF-A. You have not seen a Infiniti GT-R (heaven forbid). 
But at the end of the day, it is a Nissan. Or if you are really picking at it a posh Datsun. Methinks the company car driver or director doesn’t want that badge tag in the car park. 

What say that the Infiniti’s that are actually sold now, turn out to be the next Nissan Bluebird taxi?


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