When Matchbox get it right, they get it right…….

These pictures below are from the Lamley blog.

As has been well noted within the collecting community, Mattel have made a complete balls up of the 60th Anniversary line – generic inclusions, shit colour schemes – they just haven’t done a good job on it at all.

Have a look at the Routemaster model below that forms part of this line up.

The casting itself is really good, but the paint scheme for a 60th Anniversary model?

Not well thought out and garish – like the VW T2 Bus, it seems a very “Amercian” attitude to acknowledging other countries, but ensuring the colours of the country flag are stuck all over it, just to emphasise were the model is from.

I find the whole thing crass and very patronising.

Then they go and do summat like this: 

The Routemaster above is what is known as a chase model – produced in limited quantities that are released as part of the range. 

And what a beauty it is!

I love the front end detailing, the reference to Hackney, where the old Matchbox factory was, and the side advertising and the rear detail.

I really would love to have one of these within the garage. This is going to be a very sought after model, I can tell you. And people are going to pay a premium on ebay and such for it. Simply wonderful, and shows what Mattel can really do when they can be arsed.

There are two things I would improve: 1. I would have liked to have the red colour of the standard model, and 2. Distribution of the model – I reckon most of these will be sold in the US&A with very few reaching outside the US. 

So there are two sides to Mattel – one which mass produce sub-standard crap and refuse to invest in the brand and the Jeykell of a side where they produce stunning and beautiful models like the one above.

Let me be clear – if Mattel produced 1-75/100/120 models to the standard of the chase model, and were willing to increase the price to cover the cost of the detail, I would not have an issue at all with this, nor the brand.

When they want to they can deliver. But most of the time, they just can’t be bothered. So frustrating.


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