A good way to start the year

Well, after the run of results that we have had, I was in the mood for some New Year cheer – I have a rotten cold and site throat, the Mrs has the same and the ankle biter is teething – which has meant I have had no sleep since Chrimbo.

And things got off to a good start, wen though I missed the opening goal. Mark Noble slotting home from the spot after three minutes thanks to a “nice” decision to award the Hammers a penalty. Personally, it didn’t look like a penalty, but thank you referee Clattenburg anyway.

Joey O’Brien was the least likely person to get the second, but I will take any goal as they come. 2-0 up and could have easily been three or four. And stand up Carlton Cole for competing with Vaz Te for miss of season.

Man Utd lost the title last season on goal difference – and Fergie was pissed. Likewise these chances that are not being converted may well prove to be costly. And with Andy Carroll not likely to stay at the Hammers it is perhaps time for Big Sam to go shopping this month.

What disappointed me more is that we leaked in a last minute goal against Norwich this arvo. There was no need and going back to my point, goal difference could be crucial. Not to mention the fact that it cost me points in the old Fantasy League as I had Jussi in goal.

So for the start of the year, 26 points and 11th in the table is a decent return on the first season back. Lets see how it all pans out.


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