Thank you Mark Curtis

2012 has really seen a turning within the collecting world.

And – to my reckoning – it all stemmed from a post on a Matchbox forum about the Hot Wheels Focus RS casting in green.

From there, a wave of heated debate, accusations, opinion about Mattel and banning led to several people being banned from the Matchbox Community Collectors Hall. Why? The rules of the MCCH were not adhered to under the R&R of Administor. After all, he proclaims it is his house and thus we must abide by the standards he set.

In turn this led to the potential derailment of the Gathering held in Albuquerque organised by Jim Gallegos. The Landy went missing for a while, and then was recovered. Eventually it led to what has been known as the breakdown of Mark Curtis – the shutting of the MCCH over the weekend of the Gathering due to “maintenance” upgrades. His reasoning has been documented in a previous blog:

He even when so far as to say that the Gathering wasn’t even on! But my dear fellow, it was, it was!

As I stated in a blog in October, what Mark Curtis has done is to help create new collectors forums such as the MCF, and add to the numbers visiting Swiftys and Hobby Talk.

It has also given the ability for folk to debate topical subjects – such as gun control on the MCF – without the restriction and moderation sought after by the MCCH when that was the main place to be. Refreshing.

The initial frustration with Mark Curtis has now died down – posts upon his rules and sites are now practically non-existent and nor do people care either.

Friends such as Matchcop have tried to defend the shenanigans without any luck – I mean, it might as well be Mark Curtis’ pseudonym.

The ramblings of the few are attracting little attention apart from the usual back slapping, honey and sugar. No real tough debate – just the constant wants of the likes of residential UK bore Christakis. Even Greg Andrews seems to have gone off the face of the planet – a few postings on the MCF and that was it – too much free speech and debate for him?

MCCH membership is not really growing – if you have a look at the stats, there are more visitors than registered members.

The MCCH is now no longer the place to hear first about matchbox releases as was in previous years. Thanks to the work of John Lambert, this is being posted on all forums. 2012 saw the year where the MB Amby took a right hiding and rightly so prior to JL taking on the mantel – again, I make no apologies at all – the previous incumbent was only after the kudos and the gold bus – that was it – a total and utter disaster.

So. by now there are some of you thinking that this is just a rant about the MCCH.

Far from it.

It is more of a recap of 2012, and an open letter of thanks – yes thanks for Mark Curtis in having what was described at the time as a breakdown.

No longer the force it was and reputation not all that great, we have seen strong threads within other forums about the state of play within the Australian market with great work being done by Matchbox Luke as ever.

Knowledge has been drifting away of sorts – and how many more photos is SSChevyman going to post to boost his post count?

I am going to be looking at TLV’s next years and residential hoon and bogan Boogs (love ya really!, xoxoxo) has a great knowledge on other forums.

On the MCF there is no moderation which allows debate to continue no matter how heated. Contrast that of the rules of the MCCH…….

So really, I actually do have to thank Mark Curtis for behaving the way he did those months back – I really do.

Without his mental craziness  the MCF would not have been born, we would be able to debate or talk about issues unless it adhered to his rules nor critique or praise Mattel when they have fucked up or occasionally done good.

So, again, thanks Mark Curtis – your petulance has really made a difference to the collecting world and we are better for it. Happy New Year to you!


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