When Matchbox get it wrong they REALLY get it wrong

So the other day, I blogged about how Matchbox got it right with the “chase” model Routemaster for the 60th Anniversary range.

More pictures have been released by the MB Amby with regards to the Emergency Vehicles for the 1-75/100/300 range for 2013.

First model is the Blaze Blitzer – a non-licensed vehicle.

I actually don’t think it is too bad a model – it looks very much like the bush fire trucks you could get in Australia (Although most of these are Isuzu’s, but you get the picture).

The livery is very similar to that of the UK Brigade, which makes a damn good change from the US&A livery that so many have had to put up with. It would have nice to see a moving ladder or summat on the model, but fair play, it is quite a smart little thing. The white version is the 60th Anniversary version, but I don’t a toss about that line, so no critique on that.

Then we come to what has to be Mattel’s biggest fuck up to date, if not of all time. 

I was chuffed to bits when they announced that the Renault Master would be an ambulance casting. Two fingers up to the US&A and no more F-350’s that only a handful of countries could relate to. 

Bloody marvellous, and well done to the team for the inclusion……….BUT WAIT.

What have we here? A diecast model with a metal base and a plastic body.

FFS !!

Now, the Lambert cites that Mattel’s logic for this monumental fuck up is:

because of the size of the model they had to produce the body in plastic to keep it within cost parameters”.

Fucking idiots. Fucking bean crunching, money grabbing idiots.

Mattel, you bunch of halfwits: since when has it been acceptable to produce plastic models with hint of metal? I would rather the model not be produced at all, than release it in this form.

Oh, wait, again…..I forgot – your focus group on the MCCH has spoken of their approval so you listen:

I have grudgingly accepted plastic bodies, so the Renault looks great to me

I’ll be hunting for the Renault van, even though it is plastic. If Matchbox is heading to plasticville, then at least I hope the quality of plastic will be good and durable

About the Renault Master Ambulance, Whooooh! It looks good! I’ll be honest, I couldn’t really tell if it was a plastic body at first, but I figured when I saw the pre-pro pics that it would be. If I’m honest, I’m glad that instead of making it too small to give it a die-cast body, the went big and gave it a plastic one

The plastic body is not the end of the world for me and I think will sell well in most markets, but here is my take on them:

The Renault Ambulance I give a 9 to, very well done, both in the casting and the graphic choices. This is a model with lots of potential,

Yes, the numpties have spoken and yet again Mattel have listened to this utter bollocks. 

I cannot believe that folk are reluctantly accepting this casting on the basis and grounds that it is a Matchbox model – no fucking backbone……

Diecast has been about a metal body and base – with the nowadays a plastic base taking over more times than most. All because of the bean counters at Mattel Inc trying to save a few quid. 

The one casting I really wanted for this year, is one casting I am not really looking forward to adding to the collection. In saying that the 60th Anniverysary one doesn’t look too bad TBH: very UK in livery terms.

Why then Mattel don’t you just do this:

1. Reduce the 1-600 line BACK down to 75 for all markets.

2. Produce one blister for all markets
3. Increase the price to say £1.50 or £2.00 

4. Add the detail that you would apparently receive on a 60th Anniversary model to the normal range. 

Watch the sales roll in.

Collectors would rather pay extra for quality than put up with plastic and cheapness. I have a HW Scion xB which is some code car of summat, and that has a plastic body – the only thing it is good for is that it can be thrown around and the metal does not chip.

Absolutely gutted. Really am. I don’t know what the strategy is at Mattel, but I am sure that if I was at the Gathering this year, I would be booted out for asking far too cutting a question about this lack of respect for the Matchbox brand and why there is cost cutting drive. 

If Mattel really want to cut costs, kill off the brand. That will save a shed load of money every year. 

Fucking accounting morons.


One thought on “When Matchbox get it wrong they REALLY get it wrong

  1. Yes Mattel, since when does a DIECAST model have a plastic body?? I don't collect MB myself, but I wouldn't accept this in any 1/43 range that is in my collecting theme.


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