Minichamps 1/43 Ford Fiesta (1995)

Well, with the Opel Collection now firmly parked away, time to focus on other recent additions to The Garage.

Modelzone gives out some real bargains and although I cannot remember what I paid, for this Minichamp model, it was defo under a tenner.

These models are really worth picking up at such low prices – normal retail would be around the £30 mark.

As you would come to expect with Minichamps, the detailing on this model is first class. Have a look at the interior of the car – I mean to get such attention to detail is a real craft and Minichamps always delivers.

Being a German owned brand, the car is produced in LHD. It would be nice to see a  RHD version with British or even Irish plates, just to mix it up a bit. This is one of main reasons why there is not a massive Minichamp collection and how Vanguards fills a void. Also the actual addition of a reg plate would not have gone amiss. Normally these are added to the detail of the model.



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