A right load of Arse

I completely forgot that we were playing the Gooners this evening at the Emptycrates. Instead, I was watching the penultimate episodes of series 2 of Homeland.

And I wish I stuck with it.

As soon as I tuned into the game, we were 4-1 down – witnessing 2 goals in the space of 2 mins.

And then flicking back to the match, I see Giroud pops up for his second.

57 mins gone, 5-1 down.

What can I say – annoyed? Yes. Pissed off? Very much so.

Did I watch the rest of the game? No, not really – lending eyes here and there.

Where the bloody hell is Chamakh? Why is young Joseph on the bench? Diame’s contract situation certainly has not helped – an unwelcome distraction along with Bog Sam’s misconduct charge.

Add to the fact that my Fantasy league team is taking a right hammering (pardon the pun).

I am just too disgruntled to write anything with a ounce of common sense at the moment, I am that frustrated.

Thoughts go out to young Danny Potts as well – let’s hope it is no where near as serious an injury.

Seven days left Big Sam……..seven days left……


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