Another miserable night – Fulham 3, Hammers 1

Well, at least I was multitasking – finally getting around to installing Windows 7 on a laptop and trying to figure out the networking thing again – which is so frustrating.

A bit like West Ham.

The TV feed cut out after a while, so in effect I have missed all three goals – and Kevin Nolan’s one.

Lots of busy industry from what I saw but in the end very little to show for it.

Andy Carroll has come back for the last 15 mins replacing Young Joseph but I am not sure what was expected of a striker who has been out for 6 weeks.

Chamakh really is a waste of space – no wonder the Gooners were glad to see shot of him. And yet again, we have to rely on Keh-vin Nor-lan to get the goals. I have blogged about it before, but we need summat up front and even throwing Paulista up front from his two goal stint in the reserves this week could have made some manner of difference.

-9 goals, 27 points and 13th in the table – slowly but surely the Hammers are slipping into that dreaded relegation spot. Big Sam still hasnt’t signed a new contract yet – and on the run we are having, I can see why the board is reluctant to do so.

It needs to be turned around and bloody quick – and what better test than Swansea on Saturday. Lose against them on Sat and it they crowd – and myself from afar – will now be questioning Big Sam.

I now await that stupid email that I get sent after a game with Big Sam explaining what the fuck went wrong. We have got no decent striker up front!! It’s that bloody obvious.


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