Hot Wheels Mercury Cyclone

As I have mentioned before on a previous blog, one of the reasons that I like to get HW is that they produce a lot of Amerciana which helps me learn about the Amercian car industry and a little bit of history to boot. Add to the mix some other models like the BMW 2002, AE86 Toyota Corolla and such, you have some nice 1/64 models there. Well, there is no hope in hell of Matchbox producing these are there.
I just picked this off the peg and didn’t give it a second look. But opening the blister (I believe that to some this is called ‘DLM’ing’ but I have no idea what this is), there seems to be some really bad flaws.
The tampo-ing is all over the shop – look where they added the door handles.  Then look at the coachlining – I mean it is just rubbish. Not an ounce of quality at all behind it.
Then we have the rear, where there is a huge white smudge. Not a clue how that managed to get there, but it should not be.
Have a look at the rear wheel arch – there is what I can only guess is a splodge of solidified paint on it – it is not even metal. Just an really bad QC issue.
Should I expect this on a £1 model? No, I bloody well shouldn’t – this could be used a beater, or better still, give it to the ankle biter to wreck.
Don’t get me wrong, I really like the casting. It represents the original well.

But I am annoyed with the QC issues which blights the model – methinks now I really have to make sure that future HW’s that I pick up are checked properly.



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