Corgi Vanguards: VA10809 – Ford Capri MkIII 3.0S – UOO 303T – Bodie’s Capri

This is one of the better castings that has come out of the Vanguards stable over the last couple of years. I particularly liked the 3.0S models – Corgi have really done well to re-create the RallyeSport wheels that were so prominent in the 70s.
Corgi have been quite smart avoiding paying licensing fees by re-creating Ford’s from the 70s and referring them indirectly to the programmes they starred in. At the moment the range is full of models from ‘The Sweeney’ – the most recent one is the 2.0S Cortina from the film “The Sweeney 2”.
There are quite a few variations of the Capri that match up with The Professionals – every young boy wanted that silver Capri, or better still wanted his Dad to drive him to school in one.
OAR 576 W, Doyle’s gold Capri is an easy variation that can be made. But for the meantime we have Bodie’s 3.0S in UOO 303T guise.


As I have mentioned earlier, there is very little wrong with this casting, All the elements are there – ‘S’ side stripe, tampo’s at front and rear – it’s all good and displayes really well – so much so that this is not actually in The Garage but under the monitor at work. Above all, the model is in RHD with British plates – this is the key USP that makes Vanguards stand out from the usual players within 1/43.
There is one minor criticism of this casting. Yes, it is my old foe the wheels again. Whilst OK, have a look at the competition from Minichamps – the latter has got it 110% correct. Also look at the attention to detail – the headrests on the Minichamps version comes with the Recaro chicken wire, whereas the Vangaurds one it is missing. 

I am interested to know how the difference of how Minichamps and Corgi go ahead re-creating these wheels. Time and time again, the wheels have prevented me from picking up certain Vanguards models. I have just about let VA10809 pass due to the significance of the model, but it Minichamps offered the identical model with the same assets (RHD, UK Reg plate), Minichamps win hands down, no questions.

Yes, I would be paying a premium for the Minichamps version, but the need is better satisfied. The Vanguards model fills a hole. I would happily pay a few quid extra if there would be more detail added to the model. For the price point of the Vanguards model, I suppose that you have to accept what you get.  


One thought on “Corgi Vanguards: VA10809 – Ford Capri MkIII 3.0S – UOO 303T – Bodie’s Capri

  1. wow, comprehensive review yet no metion of a few glaring errors from the vanguards version!

    1) numberplates way too small
    2) whole model not one seperate unit just like the real thing, look at the side view the way the model base has been designed.


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