VA11008 – Vanguards 1:43 ModelZone Exclusive Red Ford Escort XR3i -Essex Boy

I am not really one for exclusive or limited editions – the absolute joke of a 60th Anniversary series by Matchbox will see me getting just the one model from this overpriced range. If I can find the bloody things.

But there are exceptions. ModelZone teamed up with Corgi to produce this ‘exclusive’ version of the XR3i casting.

Reminiscent of the earlier Hidden Treasures range that was available a few years back, this model re-creates many a XR3i that were ragged stupid or had an altercation.

Let’s look at the casting. This is one I really, really admire – it is handsome and fits well – I love the detail on the model – front fogs, the go-faster stickers, the attention to detail is really good here – and shows that research has been done on the type of clapped out motor the Essex wideboys used to drive.

Regular readers of the blog will class me as a grumpy git at times –  even the current MB Amby has said so. and nothing get’s on my wick like the poorly re-created wheels on models. However, in the style of Borat, I can confidently say “GREAT SUCCESS!”. The wheels are 110% spot on – totally capturing the essence of the early XR3i.

Is there anything to grumble about? No, not really – alles in Ordnung. What would have been a humourous touch would have been to see, say, the indicator light missing at the front or some other manner of ding on the car – but lack of this detail does not detract from the overall casting.

I don’t think that exclusives like this are going to be made in a hurry and more to the fact is that this is truly  unique product for the British Isles. The ridiculous nature of Modelzone’s overseas postage policy means that it is not really worth buying the model and having it sent abroad – so if in England, why not buy one in the shop.

This is a fun model – it is not going to be displayed within The Garage, but I am happy in the knowledge that this is a firm part of the collection.

XR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00267_zps3eae1eed.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00266_zps4a3b06d4.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00265_zpsc1cede1e.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00264_zps3d8a7463.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00263_zps2ade355f.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00262_zpsbe9bde49.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00261_zps0995d403.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00260_zpse95f7f97.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00259_zpsbb97ae93.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00258_zpsfb79eda6.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00257_zpsc2bf82ce.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00256_zpsc5f0cec0.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00255_zps1858c7e1.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00254_zpsbcb4efea.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00253_zps547186a3.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00252_zpse4222af6.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00251_zps11d0728b.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00250_zps29943d0f.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00249_zpsee64f4ba.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00248_zpsaf7feeb4.jpgXR3i - Modelzone photo DSC00247_zps615a60d5.jpg


One thought on “VA11008 – Vanguards 1:43 ModelZone Exclusive Red Ford Escort XR3i -Essex Boy

  1. I'll be getting mine in a month or so – already bought (by a UK-based friend) but waiting until I have enough models together to make a parcel cost-effective. These pictures are excellent for seeing exactly what I am going to get, thanks!

    As I see it they've combined two concepts of the Vanguards range from 5+ years ago, the “Hidden Treasures” and the “Boy Racers” – this one is a bit of both. I am more of a Boy Racer fan myself so I would have preferred to not have the bonnet and fender in primer, but maybe I'll get a second one at some stage and see if I can paint those bits to Sunshine Red.

    I'm all for these types of customised/beat-up models returning to the range, and I guess this particular one was Corgi's way of testing whether there is still a market for these. I personally would prefer the customised to be one range and the beat-ups to be a separate range, as before.


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