A Villainous result

I am now very much pissed off.

Sky Sports was on but we had folk round, so I could not really focus on the game.

And just as well.

I call the nipper Benteke from time to time as is sounds like a comedy name. Bugger scored today.

And three mins later it was 2-0 to a team trying to haul its arse out of the relegation zone.

And what for the Hammers? An 87th Min own goal.

I am losing my patience a bit – we seem to have no clue how to score on the road, when last season we conquered all and sundry.

And the problem – as ever – is up front. This should have been three points. I have no idea why Jarvis was on the bench and Pogatetz got in over him – this is where the crosses come in from and to have that absent is criminal.

Big Sam states below that we deserved summat – but with no investment made in a striker, and confidence low on that front, what do you expect?

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce:
“Apart from the Aston Villa fans, anyone who watched this afternoon knows we deserved something. The sad thing is, after not converting our chances, we have paid the price by conceding from a free-kick and a penalty.
“Apart from Jussi Jaaskelainen spilling an early shot which fell to Weimann, Aston Villa created and contributed nothing.
“We were waiting to see what Villa had to throw at us in the first half and we coped with that. Then our plan was to go at them in the second half and we created chance after chance.
“We completely dominated the second half and we’ve ended up losing 2-1. Even at the end their goalkeeper was the hero.”

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