Disney Pixar CARS – Miguel Camino

Looks like this one is a variation on the Corvette.

What I like about this model are the wheels more than anything else – they very much echo the style of the Z06 and ZR1 real life models.

As ever the finish is really top notch – those Pixar models can really take a hammering if thrown around – but I am not one to do that.

Well representing the Spanish colours, this is a fairly smart little car.

 photo DSC00166_zps45b54f68.jpg photo DSC00165_zpsf26151dc.jpg photo DSC00164_zpsd0dc02d4.jpg photo DSC00163_zps3872af3a.jpg photo DSC00162_zpsf5f9dda9.jpg photo DSC00161_zps5ec01648.jpg photo DSC00160_zps2cf36f78.jpg photo DSC00159_zpsca874a52.jpg photo DSC00158_zpsf4b239cd.jpg photo DSC00157_zpsbba8c105.jpg photo DSC00156_zps61321bd1.jpg


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