Hot Wheels – 1995 Camaro IROC-Z (2012 Premiere)

I think that there is very little to call between this casting and MB68 Camaro IROC-Z by Matchbox.

Again, as per my blog on the Firebird yesterday, I am not a fan of the little and large wheels – the Matchbox version never had them and it looked fine.

But soft – there is a good amount of detailing on this model – have a look at the rear lights and the door tampos – this is fine attention to detail for a £1 toy car.

A decent casting let down a tad by the silly wheels.

 photo DSC00235_zpsa1766516.jpg photo DSC00234_zpsaf56d1f8.jpg photo DSC00232_zps4be779fd.jpg photo DSC00231_zps6ab55a68.jpg photo DSC00230_zps5ee95336.jpg photo DSC00229_zps9eedef54.jpg photo DSC00228_zpsa5fab189.jpg photo DSC00227_zps8e04eea6.jpg photo DSC00226_zps7742ad70.jpg photo DSC00225_zps8c419280.jpg photo DSC00224_zpsa089134f.jpg


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