Hot Wheels – 1970 Toyota Celica (2013 City)

This is what Hot Wheels do well above it’s nemesis and sister brand Matchbox.

Unless you are into Tomica Limited Vintage, you will not really see this mode re-created in 1/64 scale or thereabouts.

So while Matchbox gets quality castintgs (sic) like Torque Titan and Vantom, HW get’s beauties like this one, which would not be out of place at all within any collection.

It looks at little aggressive – maybe that was the intention, but I would like to have seen this model with not so fierce wheels. I am sure it can be done with a those traditional ones that we see so often – I no not what the name is for them.

A good casting here – and shows the intent of the HW brand – shame the same sentiment is not given the Matchbox brand.

 photo DSC00183_zps68fb1e7d.jpg photo DSC00182_zps2c5c81ef.jpg photo DSC00181_zps99858c43.jpg photo DSC00180_zps083937cb.jpg photo DSC00179_zps109c5427.jpg photo DSC00178_zpsd79e7521.jpg photo DSC00177_zps82da99c8.jpg photo DSC00176_zpsc4a04abb.jpg photo DSC00175_zpse2d22aa6.jpg


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