Summed up very nicely

just read the The Daily Mirror online with regards to the PDC situation at the moment and this comment posted beautifully echoes my sentiments on the matter.

I have no doubt that PDC will come to the Boleyn/OS at some stage, and I will be crying with joy – but as the present:

Darren Whufc Kenny

8:03 AM on 19/2/2013

I love Di Canio but this is lazy jounalism as Paolo himself said to West Ham fundraiser Jonjo Heureman and other hammers who visited him at Swindon previous season that his aim was to one day be West Ham manager but he has to work and gain experience at higher levels and would be at least 3/4/5 years away.
So he wont be coming to West Ham and for that im glad because its too early and we dont want another Billy Bonds situation when a legend player becomes an enemy as manager


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